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Web Methods Online Training Course

Duration: 5-6 Weeks

  1. Introduction to integration (EAI and B2B)
  2. Introduction to Integration Tools
  3. Overview of XML, Flat files, EDI and ANSI X12 files
  4. Introduction to WebMethods
  5. WebMethods Components
  • – Runtime Components
  • – Design Components
  • – Administration and Monitoring Concepts
  • – Installation Components
  • – Deployment Components
  1. WebMethods suite Installation
  2. Working with Designer/Developer
  3. Creating packages and Folders
  4. Introduction to Flow services
  5. Creating, Debugging and running the Flow services
  6. Using Regular Expressions in WebMethods flow services
  7. Creating IS schema and documents
  8. Working with flat file schema and dictionaries
  9. Creating the JDBC Adapter connections
  10. Creating the wmDB connections
  11. Introduction to Web Services
  12. Creating the web service provider and consumer
  13. Creation and Execution of the Process Model


Integration Server (IS)
  1. Creating the task schedulers
  2. Partner certificate installation
  3. IS admin page walk through
  4. User Management


WebMethods Server (MWS)/ Trading Networks:

  1. Monitoring the business process instances
  2. Monitoring the transactions
  3. Partner Profile configuration
  4. Creating Processing Rules
  5. Creating Trading Partner Agreement


  1. Real time transactions development and explanation
  2. Manufacturing domain Order Management (OM) and Trade Management (TMS) architecture