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Siebel CRM Admin Online Training Course

Duration: 4-5 Weeks


Introduction to Siebel CRM
  • Navigating Siebel CRM Applications
  • Working with Data in Siebel CRM Applications
  • Exploring the Siebel Architecture
  • Understanding Object Definitions
Access Control of Records and Views
  • Security and Access Control
  • Responsibilities and Views
  • Users, Positions, and Organizations
  • Controlling Access to Customer Data
  • Catalogs and Master Data
Administering Literature 
Customizing the User Experience
  • Modifying Tab Layouts
  • Administering View Links
  • Customizing Home Pages
  • Resetting a User’s Preferences
Administering Lists of Values
  • Administering Lists of Values
  • Administering Phone Formats
  • Administering Hierarchical Lists of Values
Administering Initial Data
  • Countries, Currencies, Languages, and Locales
  • Periods
  • Time Zones
  • Households
  • Expense Types and Payment Terms
  • ZIP Codes
  • Industries
  • “Contact Us” Information
Quick Fill Templates and Predefined Queries
  • Administering Quick Fill Templates
  • Administering Predefined Queries
  • Understanding the Default Predefined Query
Administering Message Broadcasts
  • Administering Alerts
Administering Activity Plans and Templates
  • Defining Activities, Activity Plans, and Activity Templates
  • Administering Activity Templates
  • Administering Sales Methods
  • Administering Assessment Templates
  • Administering Siebel iHelp
  • Comparing Siebel iHelp, Task UI, and SmartScripts
  • Creating iHelp Items
Administering Business Automation
  • Defining Business Services, Business Service Methods, and Arguments
  • Activating Workflows
  • Administering Inbound Web Services
  • Administering Approvals
  • Administering the Universal Inbox
  • Administering Siebel Reports
Submitting Jobs
  • Submitting Jobs
  • Creating Job Templates
  • Creating State Models
  • Administering Audit Trail
Setting System Preferences
  • Default MVG Exists Query
  • Auto Mgr Calendar Access
  • Forecast: Auto-Forecast
  • Default Time Zone
  • Universal Time Coordinated
  • Strict Date Format
  • Quick Print Application and Quick Print Output Format
  • Administering Assignment Manager