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Qlikview Overview and its Features

An Overview of QlikView :

QlikView is revolutionizing business intelligence with quick, powerful and visual analysis that’s simple to use. QlikView’s patented technology offers all of the features of “traditional” analytics solutions – dashboards and alerts, multi-dimensional analyses, slice-and-dice of data – without the limitations, cost or complexity of traditional BI applications. QlikView solutions can be deployed in days, users can be trained in minutes, and end users get results instantly.

The QlikView Platform :

QlikView offers all of the capabilities that traditionally required a complex and costly suite of products, on a single unified platform. QlikView provides flexible ad-hoc analysis capabilities, powerful analytic applications, and simple printable reports. This allows organizations to deploy QlikView to everyone – highly skilled analysts doing ad-hoc detailed reporting, executives requiring a dashboard of critical business information and plant supervisors analyzing output performance. Further, QlikView allows organizations to eliminate unused paper reports, and replace them with demand-driven reporting


What are the Salient Features of Qlikview?

  • The data in Qlikview gets loaded in the memory that can be used with few clicks for analysis.
  • It is a time efficient tool as it takes few minutes to put the data in Qlikview. Data from multiple sources can be extracted in a single tool.
  • It is a complete BI solution and a single tool for performing all the operations as compared to other BI Tools.
  • It can be used both online as well as offline.
  • Data can be visualized using graphics.
  • Direct and indirect searches can be done.
  • It can be used with mobile devices. Developers can easily create BI apps for enhancing the business.