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Crystal Reports Online Training Course

 Duration: 4 Weeks

Overview of Crystal Reports
  • Formatting and summarizing data
  • Filtering, sorting and grouping data
  • Customizing reports with business logic
  • Connecting to SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases
  • Adding charts and subreports to a report
The Crystal Report Writer
Writing a basic report
  • Selecting a format
  • Adding text and fields
  • Connecting to remote data sources
  • Configuring the reporting environment
Formatting and styling
  • Tailoring sections within a report
  • Annotating header and footer fields
  • Designing fields for quality presentations
  • Adding color, borders and pictures
  • Highlighting data with Highlight Expert
Linking Crystal Reports to Data
Connecting to popular data sources
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • Access
  • Web logs
  • XML
  • Reporting from stored procedures and views
Establishing data connections
  • Creating a connectivity checklist
  • Configuring ODBC and OLE DB
  • Integrating SQL commands in a report
Interpreting Structures and Retrieving Data
Navigating complex data
  • Deciphering data structures
  • Identifying data relationships
Gathering the right data
  • Merging data from multiple tables
  • Building business queries
  • Optimizing data retrieval
Combining Powerful Report Techniques
Organizing and summarizing reports
  • Sorting user sort control and grouping
  • Grouping with formulas
  • Summary and Rolling Total fields
  • Using Report Alerts
Building advanced reports
  • Embedding linked and unlinked subreports into reports
  • Creating crosstab and drill-down reports
  • Designing dynamic and cascading prompts
  • Multipass reporting, Hyperlinking Reports and Multilingual Reports
  • Achieving reusability with templates
Visualizing complex data
  • Simplifying data with charts and graphs
  • Organizing fields into sections
  • Adding, merging, suppressing sections
Programming Data Functionality
Coding in formula language
  • Working with variables and operators
  • Deciphering formula syntax
  • Adding and modifying formulas with the Formula Workshop
  • Calling and working with functions
  • Sharing formulas with the Repository
Writing effective formulas
  • Building if/then/else statements
  • Converting and comparing data
  • Debugging the code
  • Employing the Formula Workshop
Converting to Basic Syntax
  • Writing formulas with Basic Syntax
  • Laying a foundation for complex reporting logic
Deploying Reports to the Internet, Intranets, Visual Basic and .NET
Deploying Crystal Reports
  • Deciding among Push, Pull, Static and Dynamic reports
  • Migrating to production by switching databases
  • Determining when to use the Crystal Reports Server
Publishing reports to a Web site
  • Exporting reports to HTML
  • Publishing to
Integrating into custom applications
  • Adding Crystal Reports to Visual Basic and .NET
  • Exploring application development options with Crystal Reports