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To reach the global wide students, Durga Soft has introduced online training. It would help the students who want to learn new technologies and helps the employees who want to upgrade their skill set by staying at their home place itself.

Online learning or Remote learning is getting popular worldwide. There are multiple formats for online training. The one we focus on is to learn from a mentor in a “live “and “interactive” mode over internet and phone. Mentoring is done with a combination of phone and/or real time sharing of screen. Here is the way it works.

How Durga Soft online training programs happens

Our trainers conduct online live meeting using the popular ‘collaboration’ tools. These tools are provided by us or freely available. The tools allow trainer to replicate classroom experience online.

  1. Allows screen/desktop sharing in real-time, so trainer can show the presentation or application to student
  2. Trainer can make trainee show his/her desktop to see if he/she is having any problem to do certain tasks
  3. Trainer and trainee can share mouse or keyboard control of each others machine.

7 reasons How Durga Soft online works?

Finally Durga Soft online learning solution that give you almost traditional class room experience and benefits with all the added convenience.

  1. You Have Your Personal Mentor. Class size mostly 1-on-1, (in some cases there are 2-4 students)
  2. You get mentors who are senior professionals presently working on fields they teach
  3. Good course materials, sometimes customized to your needs
  4. Instructor-Led Sessions to replicate class room experience that put the fun and effectiveness back into your e-Learning experience
  5. No travel, commute or taking time off from your job. Take evening or morning classes. learn from comfort of your home
  6. Flexible timings learn at your own pace. Mentors work with learners to a schedule which works for both
  7. Most mentors are available for email/phone support after you completes the course

About Us